Focus 1
  • A Brief Introduction to Digital Music File Formats, paper by Brent Lee

  • Accuracy, Authenticity and Reliability of Records: Bibliography

  • Article summaries from the Contemporary Arts and Conservation Practices Bibliography

  • Artistic Activities: Methods of appraisal and preservation (Retired Proposal)

  • Authenticity, Accuracy and Reliability in Theatre: Annotated Bibliography

  • Authenticity, Accuracy, and Reliability of Artworks: An Annotated Review of the Literature, with some notes about the challenges presented by digital media

  • Case Study 01 – Arbo Cyber, théâtre (?)

  • Case Study 02 – Performance Artist Stelarc

  • Case Study 03 – Horizon Zero/Zero Horizon Online Magazine and Media Database

  • Case Study 09(1) – Digital Moving images - Inputs, Processes and Outputs: Altair4 di Roma. A Multimedia Archaeological Project: The House of Julius Polybius

  • Case Study 09(2) – Digital Moving images - Inputs, Processes and Outputs: National Film Board of Canada

  • Case Study 09(3) – Digital Moving images - Inputs, Processes and Outputs: Commercial Film Studio

  • Case Study 09(4) – Digital Moving images - Inputs, Processes and Outputs: WGBH Boston

  • Case Study 10 – The Danube Exodus: Interactive Multimedia Piece

  • Case Study 13 – Obsessed Again…

  • Case Study 15 – Waking Dream

  • Case Study 22 – Electronic Café International: Aging Records from Technology-based Artistic Activities

  • Dance Preservation: Annotated Bibliography

  • Digital Moving Images: Annotated Bibliography

  • Digital Photography: Annotated Bibliography and Literature Summary

  • General Study 04 – Survey of Recordkeeping Practices of Composers

  • General Study 07 – Survey of the Recordkeeping Practices of Photographers Using Digital Technology

  • IP2 Book: Part 1 – Focus Task Force Report (Artistic, Scientific and Governmental sectors)

  • IP2 Livre: Partie 1 – Concentrer Rapport du Groupe de travail ( artistique , les secteurs scientifiques et gouvernementales ) - (sélectionnez sections seulement)

  • Mid-term presentation to SSHRC by Yvette Hackett

  • Music Aesthetics, Computer-based Representation and Processing, Preservation and Transfer to Electronic Form: A Bibliography

  • Musical Authenticity: Annotated Bibliography

  • Sound Preservation: Annotated Bibliography

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