Focus 2
  • Accuracy, Authenticity and Reliability of Records: Bibliography

  • Case Study 06 – Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica

  • Case Study 08 – Mars Global Surveyor Data Records in the Planetary Data System Using Records and Data from a NASA Spacecraft Mission Operation

  • Case Study 14 – Archaeological Records in a Geographical Information System: Research in the American Southwest

  • Case Study 19 – Preservation and Authentication of Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Records

  • Case Study 26 – Microvariability & Oscillations of Stars (MOST) Satellite Mission: Preservation of Space Telescope Data

  • Focus 2 Working Annotated Bibliography: Authenticity, Accuracy, Reliability, Metadata and Policy

  • General Study 01 – Building Preservation Environments with Data Grid Technology

  • General Study 02 – Survey and Analysis of Scientific Encoding Languages for Non-Textual Records (retired)

  • General Study 06 – A Bayesian Belief Network: Supporting the Assessment of the Degree of Belief that a Recordkeeping System Maintains Authentic Digital Records with the Benchmark Requirements for a Presumption of Authenticity

  • General Study 09 – Digital Recordkeeping Practices of GIS Archaeologists Worldwide - Results of a Web-based Survey

  • General Study 10 – Preservation Practices of Scientific Data Portals

  • IP2 Book: Part 1 – Focus Task Force Report (Artistic, Scientific and Governmental sectors)

  • IP2 Livre: Partie 1 – Concentrer Rapport du Groupe de travail ( artistique , les secteurs scientifiques et gouvernementales ) - (sélectionnez sections seulement)

  • Survey and analysis of scientific encoding languages for non-textual records

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