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Project Direction

The administrative and intellectual direction of the InterPARES 3 Project was the responsibility of the Project Director, Luciana Duranti. In carrying it out, the Project Director was supported by the InterPARES 3 International TEAM, composed of the Directors of all regional, national and multinational TEAMs and, ex-officio, the Project Co-ordinator and the Technical Co-ordinator.

The InterPARES 3 Project Office was located at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies of The University of British Columbia. The staff members were: 

Project Co-ordinator: 
Alexandra Allen (2011-2012)
Randy Preston (2006-2011)
Technical Co-ordinator: 
Jean-Pascal Morghese
Project Assistant: 
Sandy Orr

Communication and Meetings

The Project Director and the International TEAM met once a year for an International TEAM Summit to:

  • establish the research plan for the year;
  • determine research activities;
  • discuss the research progress;
  • steer the direction of the research as appropriate;
  • share the findings and reconcile them where appropriate;
  • decide on dissemination activities; and
  • deliberate on any issue that was brought to the International TEAM’s attention by the InterPARES 3 Director or any of the regional, national or multinational TEAMs’ Directors.

The Project Director and the International TEAM also met for one day on the occasion of the annual International Symposium, which was held each year in a different country, to monitor research progress and to discuss possible issues that had arisen since the last Summit.

Each TEAM held two Plenary Workshops each year to:

  • allow all TEAM researchers, partners and research assistants the opportunity to engage in scholarly debate and the development of new knowledge;
  • review and discuss case study and general study research, activities, findings and outcomes;
  • assign tasks and responsibilities; and
  • perform research activities that required the simultaneous physical presence of TEAM members (e.g., modeling).

Both International Summits and Plenary Workshops were the primary means of ensuring interdisciplinarity, transferability of results, open inquiry, and coherence among multiple methodologies and disciplinary and cultural outlooks.

For more information about the Project’s organization, click here to see the InterPARES 3 Organizational Policy (v2.0).


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