Project Direction
The administrative, financial and intellectual direction of the InterPARES 1 Project was the exclusive responsibility of Dr. Luciana Duranti. The Project Director carried out the intellectual direction jointly with the International Team, which was composed of the chairs of the task forces and committee, the chairs of the national/multinational teams, and the official representatives of the national archival institutions, and functioned as the steering committee of the project.

The InterPARES 1 Office was located at the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies of The University of British Columbia.

The staff members were:
Project Co-ordinator: 
Peter van Garderen (1999-2000)
Tahra Fung (2000-2001)
Technical Co-ordinator: 
Jean-Pascal Morghese (2000-2001)
Project Assistant: 
Sandy Orr (2001)

In addition to the project director and the staff members, the management team included Post-doctoral Fellow, Brent Lee (2000-2001).

Communication and Meetings
The Project Director and the International Team met three times a year on the occasion of the week-long research workshops in which all researchers participated, and the purpose of which was to facilitate scholarly debate and the development of new knowledge. The meetings of the Project Director with the International Team members were intended to review and discuss task force findings, to assign tasks and responsibilities to the task forces, to resolve administrative issues, to approve public release of project documents and to approve admittance of new members.

For more information about the Project’s organization, click here to see the InterPARES 1 Organizational Policy.

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