Strategy Task Force

Strategy Task Force Final Report
The InterPARES 1 Project Intellectual Framework (Principles and Criteria) ip1_principles_criteria.pdf
Rapport du Groupe de travail sur la stratégie
IP1 Book: Part 4 i) — Strategy Task Force Report interpares_book_e_part2.pdf
IP1 Book: Part 4 ii) — Australian Research Team Report interpares_book_g_part4aus.pdf
IP1 Book: Part 4 ii) — Canadian Research Team Report interpares_book_g_part4can.pdf
IP1 Book: Part 4 ii) — Chinese Research Team Report interpares_book_g_part4china.pdf
IP1 Book: Part 4 ii) — Global Industry Research Team Report interpares_book_g_part4global.pdf
IP1 Book: Part 4 ii) — Italian Research Team Report interpares_book_g_part4ital.pdf
IP1 Book: Part 4 ii) — National Archives of the Netherlands Report interpares_book_g_part4nether.pdf
IP1 Book: Part 4 ii) — United States Research Team Report interpares_book_g_part4us.pdf

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