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TEAM Turkey Test-bed Partners (Past and Present)

These are the organizations that were the locus and subject of the research and for whom the outcomes of the research were produced. Through their nominated representative, they contributed to the intellectual direction, content, methodology and products of the research, and wrote a letter of commitment to that effect. With respect to the research itself, each test-bed partner was responsible for identifying either: (1) an existing body of digital material within the holdings of the organization for which a preservation plan would be developed, or (2) a body of digital material that the organization anticipated acquiring in the near future for which a preservation plan would be developed. Analysis of the identified materials and/or records management needs and requirements constituted a case study. To the degree possible, test-beds were encouraged to identify and engage in more than one case study during the duration of the 5-year project.

  • Barlas Interior Design
  • Ankara Province Board of Leagues
  • Undersecretaries of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade
  • Republic of Turkey, The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement
  • Hacettepe University Institute of Social Science
  • Hacettepe University Adult Hospital
  • Aselsan A.S. (Military Electronic Industry joint-stock company)
  • Turkey Aerospace Industries, Inc.
  • Vehbi Koc Ankara Research Center
  • Hacettepe University Library Department of Consultation
  • Hacettepe University Beytepe Center Library, User Service
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Atilim University Library
  • ULAKBIM - Cahit Arf Information Center
  • Adnan Otuken Public Library
  • Turkey Radio and Television (TRT) Central Library
  • Turkey Radio and Television (TRT) Istanbul Directorate


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