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TEAM Canada Test-bed Partners (Past and Present)

These are the organizations that were the locus and subject of the research and for whom the outcomes of the research were produced. Through their nominated representative, they contributed to the intellectual direction, content, methodology and products of the research, and wrote a letter of commitment to that effect. With respect to the research itself, each test-bed partner was responsible for identifying either: (1) an existing body of digital material within the holdings of the organization for which a preservation plan would be developed, or (2) a body of digital material that the organization anticipated acquiring in the near future for which a preservation plan would be developed. Analysis of the identified materials and/or records management needs and requirements constituted a case study. To the degree possible, test-beds were encouraged to identify and engage in more than one case study during the duration of the 5-year project.

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Canadian Tourism Commission
  • City of Surrey, Legislative Services and Information Technology Divisions
  • City of Vancouver Archives
  • City of Victoria Archives
  • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Archives
  • Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
  • North Vancouver Museum and Archives
  • Simon Fraser University Archives, Facilities Development
  • Simon Fraser University Archives, Human Rights Office
  • The University of British Columbia Alma Mater Society Archives
  • The University of British Columbia Archives, UBC School of Music
  • The University of British Columbia, Graduate School of Journalism
  • The University of British Columbia Library, cIRcle Institutional Repository
  • The University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology Archives
  • The University of Victoria Archives, Office of the University Secretary
  • Vancouver Police Department
  • Vancouver School of Theology


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