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CUIB - University of Mexico's Center for Library Sciences Research - Centro Universitario de Investigaciones Bibliotecológicas UNAM

"XXVI Colloquium on Library Sciences and Information Research"
September 30 - October 03, 2008
Mexico City, Mexico

This three-day event, held at the Center for Library Sciences Research (CUIB) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, brought together professionals from libraries from several parts of the world, to speak on their role as librarians, records managers and information professionals in the modern age. This event was held simultanoulsly with the InterPARES 3 Second International Summit, also sponsored by CUIB. On the first day, Dr. Luciana Duranti delivered a lecture within the congress titled "InterPARES 3: The first research year," giving an overview of the activities and findings of the first two phases of the InterPARES Project, as well as an introduction to the goal and activities of the third phase of the Project.


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