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Articles (including brief references to InterPARES) and Reviews

Gustavsen, Inger-Mette

  • (2009), "The Digital Time Bomb," DNV Research Review (Edition 2009): 53.

    :: Newsletter article ::

Gustavsen, Inger-Mette
  • (2008), "Defusing the Digital Time Bomb," DNV Forum 2: 21-22.

    :: Journal article ::

Norsk Regnesentral
  • n.d. – "Project Factsheet: LongRec - Records Management over Decades," Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center).

    :: Public relations item ::

Cerrato, Olga, Inger-Mete Gustavsen, Thomas Mestl, Mick Potterton and Jon Ølnes
  • (2007), "Reading, understanding and trusting 30 year old information records – achievable or utopia?" Inside Knowledge 11(2): 28-31.

    :: Journal article ::

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