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Case studies are the investigations carried out by each TEAM, in collaboraton with test-bed partners, within its scope for the purpose of achieving its research objectives. The test-bed partners were the subject, locus, participants and stakeholders in the process of inquiry. They were also the primary and immediate beneficiaries of, and contributors to, the research. The case studies were carried out by teams of researchers purposely constituted for each case study. Such teams included test-bed employees as needed, academic and professional/community researchers and one or more graduate research assistants. The teams received ongoing input and feedback from all TEAM researchs and collaborators. Specific collaborators were assigned to case study teams as needed. For more information on the conduct of case studies, see the Case Study Support Documents.

For further information about the case studies carried out by each TEAM, and to access the available case study reports and other case study documents, click on the TEAM flags above.


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