The first two phases of the Project have produced the following products:

  1. a body of concepts as they apply to the digital environment, such as the concepts of record, reliability, accuracy, authenticity, trusted recordkeeping system, trusted preservation system, trusted custodian and chain of preservation—detailed discussions of these concepts are provided in the InterPARES 2 Project book, which presents the findings and products of each of the Project’s Focus, Domain and Cross-domain Task Forces;
    InterPARES 2 Project Book
    Projet InterPARES 2 livre (traduction de certains articles)

  2. two sets of authenticity requirements for assessing and maintaining the authenticity of digital records—one set constituting the requirements that support the presumption of the authenticity of a creator's digital records (Benchmark Requirements), and one set constituting the requirements that support the production of authentic copies of a creator's digital records transferred to the custody of a designated records preserver (Baseline Requirements);
    Requirements for Assessing and Maintaining the Authenticity of Electronic Records

  3. a series of methods for reliable and accurate record-making, authentic recordkeeping, appraisal and disposition, and authentic preservation;
    Authenticity Task Force Report
    Appraisal Task Force Report
    Preservation Task Force Report

  4. two sets of guidelines—based on the study of real cases—for the production, maintenance, and long-term preservation of records; one set for individuals creating digital records, such as artists, scientists, professionals and researchers, and another set for record preservers;
    Creator Guidelines - Making and Maintaining Digital Materials: Guidelines for Individuals
    English - Flash / PDF     Française - PDF     Español - Flash / PDF     Português - PDF     Català - PDF

    Preserver Guidelines - Preserving Digital Records: Guidelines for Organizations
    English - Flash / PDF     Française - PDF     Español - Flash / PDF     Português - PDF     Català - PDF

  5. two frameworks for the development of policies, strategies and standards regarding creation, maintenance and preservation of digital records; one framework is for individuals and small organizations creating digital materials, and the other is for archival institutions or programs tasked with preserving digital records;
    Policy Framework - A framework of principles for the development of policies, strategies and standards for the long-term preservation of digital records

  6. two models of records creation, maintenance and preservation—one reflecting a records lifecycle point of view (Chain of Preservation Model) and the other reflecting a records continuum point of view (Business-driven Recordkeeping Model);
    InterPARES 2 Project models

  7. a terminology database that defines the terms used in the InterPARES Project, including a comparison with terms in existing dictionaries of all disciplines involved in the project;
    Terminology Database

  8. numerous studies on various types of legislation, including archival legislation, privacy laws, and intellectual property rights;
    Policy Cross-domain studies

  9. several studies dealing with how the concepts used in InterPARES are interpreted and applied in different fields;

  10. twenty-one case studies and nine general studies that provide a wealth of information for similar cases. 
    Case Studies
    General Studies

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