The InterPARES 1 Project hired many graduate research assistants from Canada, the United States, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom to assist with data gathering for case studies, analysis of case studies findings, presenting findings at conferences and facilitating other research activities as required by the Project’s Co-investigators. The following is a complete list of Graduate Research Assistants who worked for InterPARES 1:

Flora Anastassiou
Andrew Ashton
Chaja Beck
Tiran Behrouz
Lisa Beitel
Gijs Boon
Kathy Bossort
Mirjam Brouwer
Deidre Bryden
Kathleen Burns
Yau Min Chong
Vincenzo de Meo
Henk Duits
Robert Edwards
Tahra Fung
Anna Gibson
Prisca Giordani
Kevin Glick
Elaine Goh
Monica Greenan
Monica Grossi
Rebecca Hatcher
Erica Hernandez

April Miller
Susanna Oreffice
Eun Park
Laurel Parsons
Michelle Powers
Marisol Ramos
Alex Richmond
Sion Romaine
Shelby Sannett
Kalpana Shankar
Jacqueline Stroet
Melissa M. Terras
Ciaran Trace
Silvia Trani
Robert van Vuuren
Claire-Yasmina Veisseire
Julio Vera
Marianne Vos
Jeff Whyte
Lara Wilson
Mark Wolfe
Joleen Wright
Jane Zhang

Robyn Hulley
Irene Kaplan
Shadrack Katuu
Jacqueline Killawee
Ingmar Koch
Geoffrey LeFebvre
Marta Maftei
Francesca Marini
Ian McAndrew
Shauna McRanor

Towards the end of the first phase, InterPARES sponsored a competition among research assistants for the best essay related to the issues addressed by InterPARES. The winner was an essay written by Ian McAndrew titled, "As Strong as the Strongest Link".

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